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Ultrasonic and Bipolar Generator

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The USG-410 is the world’s first and smallest1 generator which activates both hybrid (THUNDERBEAT) and ultrasonic (SONICBEAT) energy in a single unit. It still has the same 7 mm vessel reliable sealing and fast tissue-cutting capability as its legacy generators.2

  • All-in-one: stand-alone generator for THUNDERBEAT and SONICBEAT, for lower initial capital investment.
  • 34% shorter sealing time: a new sealing algorithm for SEAL Mode results in up to 34% reduction in sealing time (compared to USG-400)3​.
  • Efficiency & safety: Intelligent Tissue Monitoring (ITM), onsite safety and output measurement, error log accessible by the user​.
  • Unique identification number.
1 As of november 2019.
2 Ultrasonic generator USG-400 and electrosurgical generator ESG-400
3 Based on a benchtop test using vessels up to 2 mm comparing the SEAL mode’s time of THUNDERBEAT Type S with USG-410 vs. electrosurgical generator ESG-400 and ultrasonic generator USG-400. (both condition set under default level) (n=30, p<0.01)

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The finest ultrasonic dissector

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Sonicbeat harnesses ultrasonic energy alone but its design is based upon the same principles as THUNDERBEAT. A ‘wiper jaw’ mechanism and fine tip design enables precise dissection, homogenous grasping force and fast cutting, particularly well suited for intermediate laparoscopic procedures.

The economical SONICBEAT is particularly well suited for intermediate laparoscopic procedures. It is driven by the latest Olympus Surgical Tissue Management System generator platform, as is the THUNDERBEAT, meaning further efficiencies can be made through generator standardisation across an operating department.

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