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Rhinology Instruments

EXPLORENT - ENT Surgical Instruments

Ear, Nose, Throat

Olympus offers a full range of ENT surgical instruments for rhinology and rhinoplasty. Precision made and durability thanks to high-quality alloyed steel.

  • Moriyama FESS Instruments
    Delicate jaws for narrow lumina and structures.
    Specially curved shafts allow efficient manipulation of structures.
    Strong cutting and through-cutting jaws, easily cutting cartilage and bony structures.
    Precise and defined cutting edges.
  • Wigand Endoscopic Sinus Instruments
    Rigid lower jaw serves as a perforator while the mobile upper jaw represents the cutting part.
    Cutting edge can be visualised easily due to the window shape of the upper cutting jaw.
  • Rotating Backbiting Antrum Punches
    Assortment of different designs and sizes for all anatomical situations.
    Easy adaptation to the desired position by finger post facilities.
    360° rotation granting ideal access to the ostia.
  • Yoon through-Cutting Sinus Pun
    Make procedures safer and easier.
    Preserve surrounding mucosa.
    Prevent postoperative stenosis.

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