EU-ME3 Endoscopic Ultrasound Processor Advancing the Dimensions of Endosonography

The EU-ME3 is built to support more accurate diagnosis and treatment of hepatobiliary-pancreatic and lung diseases and comes with an unparalleled soution for any EUS procedure.

Product specification

Focused on Your Expertise

High-end features and elevated image quality incorporated in a small box, enabling optimal adaptation to your individual clinical needs.

Improved Diagnostic Imaging

Focusing on the improved imaging functionalities of EU-ME3. With the clinical images in focus, B-mode or THE are being displayed.

Seamless Integration

This image refers to the EU-ME3 as an integral part of the procedure room. As experts in the endosocopy field and full solution provider, it is aimed at seamlessly fitting into the workflow.

Simplicity of Use

Highlighting the new backlit, easy-to-use keyboard with large touch panel and trackpad to provide user-friendly system operation.

Customizable to Your Needs

Displaying the customizable user settings to fulfill customer needs depending on their specialty and personal requirements.

A Perfect Fit: Aspiration Needles for EUS-Guided FNA/FNB and EU-ME3

Olympus offers a complete range of FNA and FNB needles, including the 19G, 22G, and 25G sizes, and the new EZShot 3 Plus second-generation needles.

These needles feature safety mechanisms and excellent ultrasound visibility, making them ideal for a variety of situations.

When combined with the new EU-ME3 ultrasound system and compatible endoscopes, they provide exceptional maneuverability and clarity in EUS procedures, ensuring precise and safe targeting for fine needle aspiration and biopsy.

You will benefit from expanded procedural possibilities with our EUS needle portfolio and EU-ME3.


*This product may not yet be available in all countries. It can only be purchased in a specific country once all regulatory requirements of such country for making the product available on the market are met.