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ChitoZolve Intranasal Splint

Dissolvable Nasal Packing

Ear, Nose, Throat

The ChitoZolve splint is a dissolvable nasal packing used in nose surgery that dissolves in as few as four days, so there is no need for the painful removal process often associated with other packing materials. With excellent handling characteristics, this dissolvable nose packing folds without cracking and can be cut easily for placement with no fragmenting and great pliability allowing for easy insertion into the nasal cavity. It is made from chitosan, a biocompatible polysaccharide derivative of chitin, well documented to help support healing by addressing bleeding, adhesions and bacterial growth.

  • Pliable
    Folds and can be cut without cracking or tearing.
  • Dissolvable
    Dissolves in as few as four days – no need for painful removal.
  • Fast-Acting
    Adapts to patient’s anatomy upon hydration, separating tissues, preventing adhesions and helping to control bleeding.

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