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Learn from top pulmonology experts sharing clinical experiences and advice on interventional pulmonology procedures and best practices in Bronchoscopy with EVIS X1, ​Endobronchial Ultrasound, ​Management of SPNs and Medical Thoracoscopy.

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Lung-Term Learning

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Learn from top pulmonology experts, who share clinical experiences and advice on procedures and best practices. Benefit from peer knowledge on EBUS-TBNA, diagnosing SPNs, performing peripheral bronchoscopy and unveiling medical thoracoscopy advancements and benefits. Join the Lung-Term Learning Initiative with practical videos to enhance patient care and procedural outcomes. Together, let's elevate the standard of pulmonology care and support the wider pulmonology community in advancing patient care.

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Be part of the movement to enhance pulmonology care! We invite you to actively participate by sharing your burning questions, and our esteemed experts will incorporate them into our exclusive FAQ series.​

Take this opportunity to make a difference and join us on this exciting journey of continuous learning and professional growth. Together, we can take on lung cancer.​

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