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We are committed to sharing information with you about keeping the lungs healthy as well as about our solutions for lung cancer diagnosis and staging.

We want to raise awareness on lung cancer, since we have a lot to say about it.

The goal is to create more attention with our campaign #LoveForLungs and thereby help more people in the fight against cancer.

Lung Cancer by the Numbers

Did you Know?

Every 30 seconds, someone, somewhere in the world dies of lung cancer.*1

This year, more than 470,000 adults all over Europe will be diagnosed with lung cancer.

5-Year Survival Rate

The 5-year survival rate tells you what percent of people live at least 5 years after the cancer is found. Not surprisingly, lung cancer has the lowest 5-year survival rate of the other most common cancers. *1

Biggest Cancer Killer

Lung cancer is literally the biggest cancer killer worldwide – causing more deaths than breast and prostate cancer put together all over the world. *1

Lung Cancer Staging and Diagnosis

Let's take a step back in time to the early days of innovations in the respiratory field. It's been over 50 years since the first Olympus flexible bronchoscope was introduced.
From the early beginnings to EBUS-TBNA - the gold standard for lung cancer staging, peripheral bronchoscopy and beyond*2 - we will continuously innovate in order to provide the most advanced equipment to support progress in respiratory diagnosis and staging.

Comprehensive Procedure Planning System

The SPiN Planning® Laptop Workstation is a stand-alone, mobile solution for procedure planning. It is designed to streamline workflow and provide optimal airway pathway information to target peripheral pulmonary nodules.

The SPiN Planning® software uses CT scans to create a dynamic 3D roadmap to the target. It allows physicians the option to segment airways, nodules, and vasculature, see relevant nodule statistics, customize their views, and more.

With no dedicated consumables and complete portability, the SPiN Planning® Laptop Workstation is an ideal cost-effective solution for planning complex bronchoscopic sampling procedures.

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Solutions for Bronchoscopy

In the respiratory field, Olympus provides a wide range of innovative solutions — not only bronchoscopes but also solutions for endobronchial ultrasound, peripheral and pediatric bronchoscopy, as well as EndoTherapy instruments. Olympus continually innovates in order to provide the most advanced equipment to support progress in respiratory diagnosis and treatment.

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