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At Olympus, we empower you to overcome demanding surgical challenges with a versatile energy portfolio, streamlined workflows and education that adds value at every step. Our expertise ensures that the latest technology is tailored to your unique needs to not only improve patient outcome, but also maximize your investment. With Olympus, you’re not just choosing a supplier; you’re entering a trusted partnership.

Experience the future of surgical energy with Olympus now.

Invest in Confidence

Have the same confidence in your energy device as the patient has in your surgical skills. Trust the control, power and precision of the equipment like you trust your own hands. Choose your preferred energy device from a portfolio designed to support you.

Empower your team and streamline your capital investments by standardizing your surgical energy portfolio with Olympus. Our innovative and versatile solutions, integrated with our professional education programs, can build confidence and efficiency within your OR team.

A Wider Ecosystem of Surgical Imaging and Collaboration

Visualize Your Energy

Experience our versatile, multispecialty endoscopic visualization platform.

  • Latest image quality.
  • Fluorescence-guided surgery.
  • Improved surgical efficiency for reduced complications.1,2,3

Integrate Olympus recording, telecollaboration and medical content management solutions with the surgical energy portfolio as part of a wider ecosystem that supports clinicians like you at every step.

The Right Energy Tools


Achieving more with unique hybrid energy


Next level of advanced bipolar technology


Where ultrasonic performance and value meet


Customizable and versatile laparoscopic hand instruments

Simplifying Complexity in Various Procedures and Specialties

Whether you’re performing procedures in general surgery, gynecology, urology or other specialties, you can rely on our technology. Feel empowered to perform surgery with the support of products that are designed for improved usability and intuitive handling.5

Streamlined Efficiency Throughout

Discover streamlined workflow efficiencies with our surgical energy portfolio. Featuring user-friendly technology and standardized interfaces, our products can benefit OR teams and hospital management alike. You can count on our experienced product experts, flexible financial offerings, comprehensive repair programs and world-class professional training — all working together to help deliver efficient, effective and safe treatment.

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