Hamburg, 06/13/2023 | Press Release | Medical Systems Olympus Launches New ETD Endoscope Washer Disinfector

Olympus today announced the launch of the new Olympus ETD. Introduced in two versions, ETD Basic and ETD Premium, the latest model in the company’s Infection Prevention portfolio was developed to make endoscope reprocessing more efficient and sustainable, while delivering superior cleaning and disinfection results. Healthcare professionals benefit from enhanced usability and a streamlined process for a reduced workload.

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Olympus Launches New ETD Endoscope Washer Disinfector

“As a leading global medical technology company in endoscopy, patient safety along the entire care pathway is our top priority. Our new Olympus ETD washer disinfector helps healthcare professionals provide the best possible care for their patients by delivering cleaning and disinfection results that exceed standard requirements,” said Oliver Burghardt, Director Olympus EMEA Medical Endoscopy Group.

Setting new standards in efficiency

The automated reprocessing of medical flexible endoscopes is a key part especially of the gastroenterological imaging workflow and critical for the prevention of nosocomial infections. The new Olympus ETD washer disinfector provides healthcare facilities and professionals with an efficient and fast solution that ensures that the fully cleaned endoscopes are available after an entire reprocessing cycle within just 29 minutes.1 It also meets important aspects of sustainability: Requiring less water, chemicals and electricity2 without compromising the cleaning and disinfection results, the device renders the entire process more eco-friendly and offers reduced running costs.

Providing safety through disinfection beyond requirements

With the new washer disinfector, Olympus is leveraging its position as a leading manufacturer of endoscopic solutions and equipment to deliver on a reliable and advanced reprocessing performance. Tested on real instruments from Olympus and all compatible manufacturers, the ETD utilizes PAA (Peracetic Acid) or GA (Glutaraldehyde) process chemicals for disinfection and an innovative cleaning technology using pulsing water and air to reprocess the elevator channels of the endoscopes. The result is an effective reduction of all relevant microorganisms and microbial contaminations, exceeding the 6-log reduction outcome required by European standards.3 Additionally, the water used during all process steps including the final rinsing step is filtered and cleared of potentially harmful endotoxins, adding another layer of hygiene and safety.

Maximizing comfort and convenience for hospital staff

The new Olympus ETD was designed to enhance the usability and convenience for healthcare professionals. Its ergonomic working height and removable basket allow for comfortable loading and unloading. The lower consumption of chemicals, coupled with an enlarged container within the device, means that fewer canister changes are necessary during operations, which benefits operators with both an improved handling security and a reduced workload.

Additional features like the touch-free connection of the adapter to the washing chamber or an intelligent integrated drying program for the Premium version help streamlining the reprocessing workflow even further.4 Furthermore, connected to the Hytrack software solution by Olympus, the ETD can be seamlessly integrated into a digital documentation workflow of the whole reprocessing process, allowing for automatic reports, tracing of instruments and optimization of the overall performance.

Both the Olympus ETD Premium and the Olympus ETD Basic are now available for the EMEA market (Europe, Middle East and Africa). For more information, please visit:


1 Depending on parameters like water inlet temperature.

2 Consumption of power per cycle: 0,4 kWh (80 % less than previous model); consumption of water per cycle: 32 liters (48 % less than previous model).

3EN ISO 15883-1, EN ISO 15883-4.

4 Drying program non-compliant with EN ISO 15883.



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