Hamburg / Coimbra, 09/23/2022 | Press Release | Company Olympus globalizes further and invests 32 million euros in new medical equipment repair facilities in Coimbra, Portugal

• With this long-term investment, Olympus aims to build one of the largest medical equipment repair centers in Europe
• The state-of-the-art facility meets the highest demands in terms of service efficiency, attractive working conditions, and sustainability
• As a top employer in Europe, Olympus will double the strength of its workforce with 300 employees in Coimbra until the end of 2024

Hamburg/Coimbra, September 22, 2022 – Today, after a four-year construction period, Olympus has officially inaugurated its new repair services facilities in Coimbra, Portugal. The facility will be Olympus’ highest volume repair center in Europe. Olympus is investing 32 million euros and will create 300 jobs in Coimbra. The state-of-the-art building meets the highest industrial standards with regard to improved services and lead times for Olympus customers, attractive work conditions and use of renewable energy sources. For Olympus, the opening of this new strategic location is yet another important milestone in becoming a leading global medtech company.

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A great day for all Olympus employees in Coimbra, celebrating the official inauguration together.

Today, during an official inauguration ceremony, the new Olympus European repair facility was opened in the presence of Portugal’s Secretary of Economics, the Mayor of Coimbra, the Japanese Ambassador in Portugal as well as other politicians, partners and customers. Among the 300 invited guests, 200 Olympus employees took part in the event.

Constantin Zangemeister, Executive Managing Director for the EMEA region, said in his speech after unveiling the plaque during the event:

“We are very grateful and proud to inaugurate this brand-new facility today and integrate it into our growing European and global Olympus network. To build this new facility in the midst of a pandemic without significant delay has only been possible thanks to the huge efforts of our colleagues in both our EMEA headquarters in Hamburg and here in Coimbra, and our people’s close collaboration with and support from all global entities and project partners, suppliers, and our customers.” He highlighted the site’s strategic importance: “Olympus’ 32 million euros investment in this larger, more flexible, and modernized repair facility reflects the increasing demand for repair services that come with the global growth of our company’s medtech business. With this move, Olympus has passed the next milestone in becoming a globally active, digital, and sustainability-oriented medical technology company. Continuing our journey, Coimbra will certainly serve as an example for future projects.”

Celebrating the unveiling of the plaque: (from left to right) José Manuel Silva, Mayor of the City Council of Coimbra, João Neves, Portugal's Secretary of Economics, Tetsuo Kobayashi, Chief Manufacturing and Supply Officer Olympus and André Roggan, Chief Technology Officer Olympus.

From Coimbra to Europe

The new Olympus Medical Products Portugal (OMPP) headquarters is a modern industrial building with a total floor area of 15,500 m² dedicated to the repair service of medical devices from throughout Europe. The facility sets innovative standards to implement more efficient processes and technical solutions, continuously ensuring a higher level of quality in repairs as well as shorter turnaround times. Olympus customers benefit from faster service, lower costs, and a more efficient use of resources. The opening of the new facility marks a significant step in the growth strategy of the company globally, expanding its repair business footprint across the whole product lifecycle and providing higher quality services from a single source across the entire EMEA region. Already today, Olympus is providing products and solutions for the top four incidences of cancers, significantly contributing to Our Purpose of making people’s lives healthier, safer, and more fulfilling.

Currently, the Coimbra facility is processing about 15,000 items each year. By further centralizing its repair center network and in view of continued market growth, Olympus expects to repair up to 30,000 items annually at its peak.

State-of-the-art facility: Guided workshop tour by Joaquim Silva Nunes, General Manager Olympus Medical Products Portugal (right).

A long-term, sustainable commitment

The premise of sustainability was a clear priority in the planning and construction of the site. In line with the company’s established environmental and social objectives, the construction of the new facility was based on the highest environmental and social standards in order to ensure the sustainable operation of the activity. Consequently, Olympus will make use of solar energy from the rooftop of the building and hence be able to directly power the unit from renewable resources.

Besides the investment in solar panels, a pioneering project in Portugal involving a wastewater treatment system was developed, which will allow the reuse of the treated water for the purpose of irrigating the garden areas, thereby avoiding wastage of drinking water and reducing the environmental impact. All measures contribute to Olympus’ global target of achieving CO2 neutrality at all site operations until 2030.

Attractive workplaces across Europe

Olympus currently has 210 employees in Portugal, 40 of which have joined since June 2022. Until the end of 2024, the company intends to employ more than 300 people at the new site. The location, in the heart of Portugal, is strategic: It is an important center for medical research and services in the healthcare sector, with a diversified offer of higher education institutes including the University of Coimbra to help recruit talent in various areas.

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